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The preferred principle for sterilization is through heat, the autoclave being the most widely used method of achieving it. In a dry air oven, it takes two hours at 160°C to kill spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinium (associated with canned food)

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Find the right Steriflow autoclave for medical sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry: superheated water, ventilated steam, saturated steam and Robustex.

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autoclave [aw´to-klāv] a self-locking apparatus for the sterilization of materials by steam under pressure. The autoclave allows steam to flow around each article placed in the chamber. The vapor penetrates cloth or paper used to package the articles bein

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So far medical autoclave manufacturers used to play a dominant role in manufacturing the sterilization equipment but with the evolving times and research happening in the field of sterilization it was observed that autoclave sterilizers are not good enoug

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Autoclave definition, a heavy vessel for conducting chemical reactions under high pressure. See more.

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Autoclaves for the laboratory. The autoclaves (laboratory sterilizers) from Systec specially developed for laboratory sterilization applications, makes processes

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Sterilization: Instrumental in patient safety Are your instruments sterile before you use them on patients? This article outlines the sterilization process, different indicators, regulations on testing office sterilizers, sterilization failure and what to

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Here is an item that you should use regularily in order to verify that your sterilizer autoclave did achieve the temperature desire. This is a themometer range is between 150?F to 350?F (65?C to 177?C).

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Gravity and Vacuum cycles are the most commonly utilized steam sterilization cycles, as they can accommodate a wide variety of autoclave load types. Some loads, however, (e.g. syringes, contact lenses, certain types of media, etc.) require special cycle c

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The autoclave operator can calculate a lower cycle time for sterilizing the liquid based on the Fo empirical tables. If a normal sterilization holding time is set to 15 minutes, it may be reduced by seconds/minutes based on the Fo calculation. This will h